Academia is a school management software, which manages academic records and finances of students. Built with simplicity in mind, Academia presents its users with a straightforward interface to gather information and produces accurate results with a click.
We currently boast of over 40 satisfied schools using Academia in English, French and Bilingual schools. This success rate owes a lot to our simple system and rapid support system to ensure that all questions or issues are promptly resolved.
Our goal is to make the jobs of school administrators and deans more entertaining by taking out the laborious parts and employing Academia which does them in record time and yet with accuracy.
Academia was designed with the end users in mind. The system is very flexible and adaptive meaning new functionality can be added to satisfy particular needs for your institution.
Built for the African market, we understand the challenges some institutions may have with Internet access and power. That is the reason why Academia can be used online or installed locally in your institution.
Try Academia now and get an unforgettable experience for your institution.
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