In this section you will be defining which subjects are taught in which levels. You will be enrolling subjects to levels. There are two ways to enroll subjects to a level.
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Enrolling subjects to a level from the drop-down menu.

a) Move the mouse pointer over “School Setup” on the menu bar.
b) Move the mouse pointer over the section to which the level belongs.
c) Move the mouse pointer over “Levels”
d) Select the level for which you want to enroll a subject by moving the mouse over the level name.
e) Click on “Enroll Subject” in the section for subjects on the right.
f) Select the subject name in the select field that you want to enroll for this level.
g) Enter the coefficient (weight) of the subject.
h) Click on the button “Enroll Subject”. A message will be displayed at the top of the form telling you the subject was successfully enrolled and the subject will now be listed in the subjects section above the form.


Repeat these steps to enroll more subjects to this level
Note: When you are done enrolling subjects to a level, you must click on the “Close” button and select a different level to enroll this subject to a new level.


Enrolling subjects to a level from the dashboard

a) From the dashboard, click on “Settings” or its corresponding image icon.
b) Click on the section name for which you want to enroll subjects.
c) Click on the level name for which you want to enroll subjects.
d) Click on the text link “Add a coefficient box”, located above the box titled “Available Subjects”. A box will pop-up, fading the back- ground.
e) Then now, enter the coefficient. For example 4, 2, etc. and click on the button “OK”.
A new box should now be visible on the page with the title “Coefficient 2 subjects” if you entered 2 in the previous pop-up box.
You can create more coefficient boxes as directed above.
g) After creating coefficient boxes, select the subject by clicking on the subject name for which you want to assign a coefficient, and make sure that color of the subject changes from black to sky-blue.
h) Click and hold the subject and drag it into the appropriate coefficient box. The subject is automatically assigned the appropriate coefficient and enrollment to the current level.
Tip: You can select multiple subjects at a time by holding down the “CTRL” key while clicking.


Note :

To enroll subjects to a different level, repeat the steps above or click on the section name at the top of the page to select a different level.